5 reasons You Need a Business Email Address

When you’re just starting your business, you may be thinking about using your current email address or creating a new one that ends in @gmail, @yahoo, @msn, etc. because, well, they’re free.

One of the main things you should consider though is how much it’s actually costing your business now and as your business grows by NOT using your domain name for your email address.

I see many people starting their businesses, but skipping small steps like this one because they don’t think it’s necessary to do in the beginning stages of business, or maybe they just don’t think it’s that important.

Sometimes I hear them say that they think the tech to set up a business email will be hard or that it will cost them money they don’t have just yet.

What I want you to know is that none of these things are actually true, so let’s dig in and debunk these objections!


So, what is a business email address?

It’s an email address that uses your own business domain name. My business domain and URL address are olladigital.co.tz. So instead of john255@gmail.com, my email address is john@olladigital.co.tz….myname@mybusinessname.com.

Even though many online entrepreneurs are using instant messaging apps like fb messenger, IG Dm’s, or even just text messaging more and more, email is still the primary way that we communicate online.

Let’s go over 5 big benefits to why using a business email address from the very start of your business is SO important.

1. Business email addresses are easier to remember

You don’t want to make people think harder than they have to. If they are confused and it isn’t easy and clear for someone to reach you, they won’t. So, just like when choosing your domain name, making things as simple as possible for your audience is really important.

People expect business emails to be yourname@yourbusinessname.com and it will be much easier for them to remember than, something like john255@gmail.com, right?

2. It’s free advertising

Every time you send an email your business will be promoted.

Think about it…nobody would know what john255 is, but when your email contains your domain name every single email you send lets the recipient know where they can go to learn more about your business.

3. You’ll appear more professional and credible

If you use your personal email address for business communications even when you’re just starting out, your business won’t be taken as seriously. It will look like spam, or that you’re not actually in business yet, or maybe like it’s still your side hustle.

Even if that’s actually the case, it won’t instill trust that you’re a viable business.

And it’s like I always say, people buy from those they trust. So if making money in your business is important from the very beginning, which I know it is, you’ve got to have a business email address.

4. Set yourself up for future growth

Having your own business email domain will allow you to set up a consistent naming convention for any future people you have working with you and any specific departments. So when the time comes to hire someone, when they send an email it will also be branded as your business because they can have the address theirfirstname@yourbusinessname.com.

You’ll also be able to better organize incoming emails and requests as your business grows by setting up department-based email addresses like sales@yourbusinessname.com and support@yourbusinessname.com.

This looks much more professional and also helps people to easily send emails to the correct place or person which ultimately will make things much easier for you.

5. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money

You only need to pay for a .tz domain and web hosting. A reliable and affordable web host like Olla Host can get your business emails in just a few hours.

Setting up your business email address is just one of the many first steps you need to take when starting your business. And what you need to know is exactly what to do next and how to do it, so that you can get your business up and running without draining your bank account or having panic attacks over figuring out all the tech!